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Who We Are

Novaspace emerges as a global leading powerhouse of professional services, dedicated to shaping the future of the space sector with unparalleled expertise and strategic insights.
Novaspace represents the combined strength of Euroconsult and SpaceTec Partners, a united force committed to promoting forward thinking and supporting decision-making for all space stakeholders. Drawing from Euroconsult's four-decade legacy of empowering industry leaders with strategic insights and SpaceTec Partners' innovative approach to management consulting in the space sector, we are positioned to deliver professional services that support programs with both commercial viability and societal impact.
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Our mission is to empower clients to navigate and embrace new opportunities within the space sector.

Our Services

Strategically designed to offer a comprehensive range of professional services aimed at helping our clients excel. We seamlessly blend people expertise with systematic approaches and processes. Harnessing intelligence and creativity to provide a clear understanding of the industry landscape. Addressing intricate specifics within the space sector.

Management Consulting

Empower Your Space Sector Growth with Our Suite of Services. 

Management Consulting

  • Policy Development
  • Strategy and Business Planning
  • Market Assessment
  • Due Diligence and M&A
  • Innovation Ecosystem Development
  • Space Solutions Enablement
  • Technology Strategy & Foresight
  • Community Outreach and Training

Technology Consulting

Maximize Your Technology Investments with Our Suite of Services, Tailored for Both Space and Ground Segments.

Technology Consulting

  • Technology Advisory
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Systems Engineering
  • Program Management
  • Spectrum Management
  • Space Systems Acquisition
  • Training and Knowledge Transfer

Market Intelligence

Gain Insight into the Space Sector with Our Market Intelligence.

Market Intelligence

  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Trusted Forecasts Utilizing Refined Models
  • Covering Market, Industry, Policy, and Financial Landscapes
  • Information Collection, Analysis, and Forecasting
  • Trusted Reference Tool for Public and Private Stakeholders
  • Millions of Data Points from Proprietary Databases
  • 40 Years of Expertise in Space Sector

Executive Summits

Our Executive Summits offers an exclusive series of annual gatherings, uniting industry leaders worldwide through influential global summits and customized regional executive conferences.

Executive Summits

  • World Space Business Week
  • Space Defense and Security Summit
  • Asia Satellite Business Week
  • Perspectives Spatiales
  • Middle East Space Conference

We work with you to
Spark, Size, Shape and Seize
the extraordinary opportunities which space offers.

Our Team

At Novaspace, we are powered by our exceptional team, which comprises 130 professionals from 25 diverse nationalities. Our experts bring a rich blend of market, business, financial, technical, policy, and legal backgrounds, enabling us to deliver top-tier services to our clients worldwide. With a culture of innovation and inclusivity, we strive to be the leading global professional services company in the dynamic space sector.

Our Partners

Novaspace is a fully independent company, led by a highly international team of six partners. Get to know them.

Our Principles

As a trusted partner and pragmatic pioneer, our culture is founded on the values of excellence, integrity, collaboration, and pragmatism.

Our Vision

By enabling advancements in the space sector, we believe we can shape a brighter future for humankind.

Global Footprint

With 9 strategically located offices, Novaspace is positioned to meet local requirements and support stakeholders across the global space industry.


The merger between Euroconsult and SpaceTec Partners represents a strategic move to capitalize on the evolving landscape of the global space industry. Space is now recognized as an increasingly global business with vast opportunities extending beyond Europe. By joining forces, the combined group has a complementary international footprint, leveraging the strengths and expertise of both organizations.  
Novaspace now offers an expanded portfolio of services, presenting a larger and more diverse set of offerings. Our merger has pooled together complementary capabilities in management and technical consulting services, flagship executive events, and market intelligence. This consolidation creates a comprehensive suite of professional services, empowering Novaspace to shape the future of the space sector with unparalleled expertise and strategic insights. Our aim is to deliver top-tier services that meet the evolving needs of the global space industry. 

Novaspace provides comprehensive, integrated service offerings to meet the evolving needs of the global space sector. Our key differentiators include:

  • Strategic and Technical Expertise: Novaspace offer strategic and technical perspectives for decision-makers in both private and public entities.
  • Global Reach: Novaspace possesses a unique capability to meet local requirements and support stakeholders across the global space industry.
  • Strong Leadership: The Novespace leadership team, consisting of highly experienced and diverse professionals, ensures a culture of entrepreneurial spirit and unique diversity.
  • Independence and Innovation: As a privately owned and fully independent entity, Novaspace fosters continuity of legacy while promoting an environment of innovation.

There will be no immediate changes in our relationships with business partners, suppliers, or customers. Our key priority remains the same: to provide best-in-class professional services, supporting decision-making for all space stakeholders. Novaspace is committed to maintaining strong partnerships and delivering exceptional value to our clients and collaborators.

We are Novaspace.
Welcome Aboard.

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Pacôme Révillon_headshot

Pacôme Révillon

Chief Executive Officer
Pacôme Révillon serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Novaspace, based in Paris, France. With a distinguished career spanning over two decades in the space sector, Pacôme has been instrumental in shaping strategic initiatives and operational excellence. His wealth of experience includes advising high-profile clients, with a specialised focus on satellite broadcasting, communications, and finance.

Carla Filotico

Carla Filotico brings 20 years of global management consulting experience, specialising in transformative projects within the space sector. Her strategic prowess encompasses strategy and business planning, impact assessment, market analysis and business due diligence, with a focus on strategic growth and sector impact. Carla is poised to lead our strategy and policy development consulting services.

David Chégnion 


With over 30 years of experience in the telecom and satellite sectors, David Chégnion boasts a career marked by multiple leadership roles in UK and France-based companies. His expertise extends to establishing and leading business development and operations teams across Europe, the Middle East, and Asia. As a leading partner at Novaspace, David will oversee our technology consulting services.


Nathan de Ruiter

Nathan de Ruiter brings nearly two decades of consulting experience to Novaspace, offering strategic guidance to an array of international clients. His client-focused approach spans satellite operators, manufacturers, service providers, government agencies, and financial institutions. Nathan’s expertise ensures seamless execution of client engagements, underpinned by robust project management and quality assurance practices. Nathan will lead our transaction advisory services.

Rainer Horn


Having pioneered management consulting for the space sector in Europe, the founder of SpaceTec Partners combines consulting, entrepreneurial and investment expertise. For over 25 years his strategic advice has empowered private and institutional clients worldwide – Rainer’s proficiency includes strategy development, market analysis, international cooperation, organisational optimisation, and investment advisory. Rainer will spearhead our market development and defense activities. 


Thomas Tanghe


Thomas Tanghe leverages his deep expertise in designing innovation strategies and programs, along with providing advice on venture funding, to assist clients in rolling out their start-up initiatives. With extensive experience in investor due diligence, he has authored impactful reports on innovation funding. His expertise extends to start-up coaching on funding strategies, business development, and internationalization. Thomas will drive our innovation advisory services and serve as Chief Operating Officer.